Noble City Times' Best Lovian Movies is a list of good movies by the Lovian newspaper Noble City Times. Actor Jhon Lewis portrayed in a total of five movies listed on the list. He is seen as one of the best Lovian actors in history. The list was published in early 2013.

Number Title Release date Main actors Information
1. Red Murder 1954 Florentine FortesqueArthur Horst A brilliant 1950's movie about the real life murder of Maarten Dolmatoff, the 19th President of Brunant.
2 Looks that Kill 1956

Florentine Fortesque, Scott Tremoyne

The cult sequel to the 1954 film Red Murder.
3 Intrepid 1971 Nicholas Sharpe A 1971 spy film which was very successful at the box office. A violent shootout occured during its premiere, killing the lead actor.
4 Vertical November 20, 2010 Sean GibsonYgo August Donia An adventure-drama based upon the true story of the first attempt to climb Mount Smith.
5 The Lovely January 1, 2010  Pierlot McCrookeT.S. McCartneyElly BuickKing Dimitri I An award winning historical drama set back in the 1870's about Arthur Noble and the rest of the Founding Fathers. The film is actually about Abigail Johnson, the only female present on the journey, whose parents were killed in a mining accident in California. 
6 Kingpin 2011 Victor Sallami, Stephanie Herrenhausen A crime film from 2011 made in both Lovia and Libertas about the life of mafia boss Mama Luigi. 
7 The Spy 1963 Simon McCannAndrea Graves An earlier version of the 1971 spy film Intrepid. Was also generally well received, but the plot lacked credibility. 
8 The Fathers February 18, 2012 Jhon Lewis, Stephanie Herrenhausen  Another film about the Founding Fathers of Lovia. It was criticised because some critics found it an exact copy of Arthur Jefferson'sThe Lovely. Arthur Jefferson also directed this movie and made it for people who wanted more of The Lovely. Generally, it was actually successful.
9 Rich Man's Pursuit 1942 William Randolph A 1940's classic released by the now defunct film studio, Classic Pictures. The film is generally an autobiography of businessman Charles Kane Fitzgerald. The movie was made with groundbreaking cinematography.
10 Lucid Dreaming 1999 (unknown) An independent film released by Jonathan Frum, about George Higgins, a man who one day gets trapped in his imagination and begins to build a "perfect" world in it. The film is considered to be one of the best cult films there are in Lovia. 
11 Civil March 18, 2012 Jhon Lewis, Jaydin Pearsen A historical drama produced by independent film studio Parsons Studios about the 2010 Lovian Civil War. However many events in this film are somewhat biased. The film includes only some historical references. The film was very successful when it was released.
12 The Spy 2011 (unknown)  A modern remake of the highly successful 1960's thriller. It was less popular than the original film, but still many enjoyed it. 
13 Echoes January 3, 2013 Jhon LewisPaul SerraneJay Simmons A dark and grisly thriller which was released a couple of days after New Year's Day, 2013. The film is about a young man who tries to find his father's killer, little knowing that the assassin is out to get him too.

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