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The Noble City Kings' logo.

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The Noble City Queen's logo.

The Noble City Kings or Noble City Queens[1] is a curling team, based in Noble City. It is a LSCA-member since 2 January in 2010.

The female team won the Women's Lovian Curling Association 2010, the first edition of the WLCA. The next year, in 2011, they won again.

Curling Edit

Male team Edit

  • Jimmy Rosenburg (head coach)
  • Yuri Camern (skip)
  • Lucas Bauer (broom)
  • Donald Brown (broom)
  • Ronnie Poway (skip/broom)
  • Devon Rogers (reserve)

Female team Edit

  • Marcus Villanova (head coach)
  • Olinia Wiggins[2] (skip)
  • Jane Noloso (broom)
  • Pam Brienenwie (broom)
  • Linda Sask (skip/broom)
  • Debra Torn (reserve)

References Edit

  1. The name "Noble City Queens" is used when a women team is playing a game.
  2. Olinia Wiggins' sister, Olivia Wiggins, is a curling player with Athina Sofasi.

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