Nielsen bridge

Artist's impression

The Nielsen Bridge is a girder bridge crossing the Philosopher's Strait between American Island and Philosopher's Island. It's construction allowed a road and rail link between the two main settlements of Seven, Kinley and Novosevensk. The bridge was requested by Novosevensk's chairman, Semyon Breyev, on behalf of the people of Novosevensk, on July 15th 2010, and was opened on 27th September 2011.

Nielsen Line

Map of the railway/road. The bridge is colored in red.

In total the bridge cost $46 million dollars, more than its budget of $34 million and is 940 metres long. The excess money was donated by an anonymous and very rich philanthropist. The railway, which is known as the Nielsen Line, is owned by the Seven transportation company, Eo.

It was named after the man who first explored Seven, Ole Nielsen.

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