Newport News is a weekly newspaper for 1.00 lovian dollar on Saturday. It use to print daily until February of 2013 when it's parent company Villanova Inc. said it wasn't able to keep up its production of current events in the rural-hurbanovian areas of Oceana. It tends to have a center-left edge, but has endorsed long time Oceana politican Oos Wes Illava in local elections.

Newport News

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We Endorse Alžbeta Lenka! Edit

We had the sad news of telling you we'd be printing only weekly, but have the glass half full approach of telling you we still print local and readership had just slightly dropped. Who knows, printing may go up to twice a week! We also have the great news of telling you we endorse local NPO leader, progressive and labour union acitvist, Alzbeta Lenka for the Labour Party Deputy Leadership. We are the first newspaper to endorse a candidate and we hope it leads other papers to do the same. 

Deer Garden Temple is open for guidence Edit

The Deer Garden temple is open and Oceana, usually a chrisitian state, can maybe see a influx of buddists flock here to find Lovia's first true-spritual looking zen temple, one Newporter said "Are's just looks like a temple for peace, the other really isn't"

Newport's Millstreet to become a amazing Landmark. Edit

Recently when had an article about 23 Millstreet the amazing house and historical landmark. It is still under disscussion on it's saftey. We hope it does.

Newport Farmers Rejoice "Profits Never Higher!" Edit

Just yesterday a poll came out from LIP that said Farmers are making 20% more money than last year at this rate. Today farmer Mr.Tok said "I made fifty dollars more last week than I made any other week, I've had to higher more help around de Frams!" Hopefully this great growing weather continues.

Petting Zoo Day at Kithchow o'Hurbanova! Edit

Come September 27th, 2010 for free zoo day at the Kitchow o'Hurbanova Petting zoo! On other days admission is $3.00-$5.00 but on the 27th it's free! So come down to the zoo and see new animals and two three week Calves! Happy petting from Ko'H!

Newport Left Out? Not anymore! Edit

As the offical residences were put out our own little town of Newport was left out! But thanks to the king, Oos and Newport's own Marcus Villanova, We will be counted. Don't worry were still in Lovia!

23 Millstreet a look at it's history Edit

A house about 1,000 square feet, fit for a normal citizen. But a govenor Kelový lived there. The family built it with there own hands, and is over 120 years old. The house as old as it is is like a lovian spirt. It stand through anything and stands proud no matter what. That's why NN support making 23 Millstreet a National Momument. The house is just a great articfact of Lovian history and we should keep it that way.

Newport is a Hamlet? Edit

Newport has always been small but a Hamlet. The NN support it becoming a Hamlet of Hurbanova's! Famous town citizen Marcus Villanova said "It would be good for Newport." Ryan Richards, farmer, age 29 says "I like Newport the way it is...I don't want me town to become a large City" Reporting NN

Newport gets New Mayor! Edit

For the first time we have a Mayor in Newport! Marcus Villanova owner of Villanova Inc., is our first mayor ever in Neport! He currently is running for govenor in Clymene and owns another home in Beaverwick. We hope he does good as Mayor.

How we began? Edit

Newport News is a small newspaper founded in 2008 by local Newport farmer Brian McCallister. The paper was invested by Newport Chairman's Company Villanova Inc., and got 50% of profits. Newport only has about 150 Citizens so the newspaper sells about 100 issues each day. The newspaper is written still by the McCallisters though.

Andy is Govenor, Oos Deputy Edit

Through all the controversey Andy became govenor through the progressive immigration. Newport a already green town hopes andy will make 23 Millstreet a landmark. Oos, thinking of quiting, has stayed!

With Andy in the lead Oos Screams "Quit"! Edit

Well just a few days into the election Oos has been a bit behind Andy McCandless, Oos a devoted Oceanic Citizen said he'd quit if Andy wins. Considering the fact Hurbanova has already broken off one time it will probaly happen again says Oos and Republican Hurbanovans.

Oceana! who we think will win? Edit

Oceana a republican state where the CLP.nm didn't run but Walden for some reason did! Alex has been under the radar but should win alot of votes. Harold has been campaining latley very well and Oos has been... Oos with his chirtstian party of CCPL. Here's what we think the result will turn out...

  • Govenor - Oos Llava
  • Deputy - Alex Latin
  • 3rd - Andy McCandless
  • 4th - Harold Freeman

Really it's anyones race to win but... it's up to the voters!

Alexandru Latin Joins as LU wants Whole Oceana. Edit

As Harold annouced his candidancy Alex has too. The tatic like other parties have done is to capitalize the state and win both spots. Alex will run against Walden and the CCPL to get a seat. Alex has also said his main intention is to win only the Deputy postition and Harold in the Govenor's role.

Oos Wes Llava Joins now heated Race. Edit

Oos Wes Llava has annouced his candidancy for the Oceana govenor seat. He is a prominet citizen of the state and proud of it and should get alot of support from moderates and people on the right. This race just got heated. Reporting is NN.

Govenor Race Heats up as Capitalist/Liberal Union joins the race! Edit

Famous Citizen harold Freeman of the Liberal Union has ran for govenor. Tho not offical he hasn't really expressed much instrest otherwise. I, McCallister likes Freeman, NN doen't support any candidate yet. Kepping you posted is NN.

Walden Member Andy Runs for Govenor! Edit

As a walden member becomes our first mayor the first candidate for Oceana Govenor. Who will challenge him? We'll see. Kepping you posted it's NN!

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