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Amendment to Prevent Inactive Congressors Planned

June 9th, NOBLE CITY - Congressors are planning a new Constitutional Amendment. Besides the currently proposed modification to the Constitution regarding State Law that is undergoing voting, the active congressors are now discussing the problem of inactive congressors within Lovia's highest legislative body. Currently, those deemed "inactive", who have not attended a session of Congress since March or February, make up a solid quarter of the one hundred member body. This has become problematic and frustrating to many of the more active congressors, as their disuse of votes has resulted in failed proposals that otherwise would have been approved. Thus, a solution is now being drawn up.
Leading the negotiations for the drafting of the amendment was Prime Minister Ilava, who reportedly came up with the idea after coming home from a night in a pub. He then shared his idea the next day with other congressors, receiving a mostly positive response to his proposal calling for a requirement of a number of contributions to the nation to be made in the month prior to the federal elections. Ilava admitted that this could allow for small repetitive contributions to made, so the proposal was modified to require such contributions to be on important national topics, not on personal topics or discussions. In addition to this, many politicians thought that such a regulation might leave out respected politicians already in politician, so an exception was creating allowing active politicians who vote in Second Chamber proposals to bypass the new regulations.
A compilation of the ideas was then made by Minister of Education Krosby, reading:
  • To run in Federal Election in Lovia, a user must have made 20 main namespace edits of at least 100 bytes in the month prior to their filing of candidacy, as well as at least one of those edits being before the week prior to their filing of candidacy.
  • Users who voted in more than two thirds of Second Chamber proposals in the previous term of Congress may stand again regardless of their number of main namespace edits.
No polling has yet been done on the proposal. A vote in the Second Chamber is expected to be started by the end of the month, but it is entirely possible that the proposal will be stalled by the very people it seeks to have reduced in power.


  • 09.06.13. The Governor of Kings, William Krosby, has announced plans to construct new schools in Newhaven, Portland, and Beaverwick.


  • 19.06.13. Y. A. Donia has claimed sovereignty over the Emerald Highlands and Train Village. The Government has not made a response.
  • 15.06.13. The Noble City Rock Festival will be held from 21 to 23 June in the Woodstock Forest in Little Frisco this year.
  • 14.06.13. The Twelfth Amendment has passed, legalizing State Law and ensuring the right to vote, after some votes from inactive congressors were cast.
  • 10.06.13. Acknowledging criticism, Justin Abrahams has made a new plan for Clymene for the remainder of his term as Governor.
  • 09.06.13. Y. A. Donia continues to call for his family to replace the Nobles as the royalty of Lovia, making two speeches over the past two weeks.


  • 20.06.13. The first IWO Games begin 30 June with a football game between Lovia and the Southern Arc Islands.
  • 19.06.13. Protests in Brazil continue over increased public transportation fares and corruption in the government.
  • 17.06.13. Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas resigns amidst allegations of corruption and police actions against his government.
  • 15.06.13. Moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani has been elected President of Iran with a majority of the vote.
  • 09.06.13. Protests in Turkey continue into their tenth day, with PM Erdogan now calling for counter-protests.


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