Newhaven Rockets

Newhaven Rockets

Full name Newhaven Rockets
Nicknames the Rockets, the Newhavers, the Rockies
Club colors

██ green

██ dark bluegray

Sports Association football (soccer)
Chairman Flag of Lovia Small Danny Doyle
Headquarters Newhaven Stadium,
Seal of Newhaven Newhaven, Seal of Kings Kings
Newhaven jersey

Newhaven's jersey

The Newhaven Rockets are a Lovian association football (soccer) club that is based in Newhaven, City of Newhaven. The club is a member of LSCA and is currently playing in the LSCA Major Soccer League. The Newhaven Rockets are financed by private funds but they are allowed to use their home base, the Newhaven Stadium, for free. The Rockets' most famous supporter is Lovian Prime Minister and Mayor of Newhaven Yuri Medvedev. Their most famous former player is Alan Denley, who won the Masters Cup thrice and the LFA Supercup three times with the Rockets.

Newhaven is the most successful Lovian club internationally, having won the WNFA Leaders League in 2004-05 (the only Lovian team to do so).

Eric Verkamp played with the Rockets from 1989-1998 and coached the team from 2004-05. He led the team to their victory in the WNFA Leaders League 2004-05.

Joseph Campbell, William Friscorn, Dieter Most and Henry Steinberg played for the Rockets.

Current squad Edit

No. Position Player Previous club
1 Flag of France GK Marino Thierry
2 Flag of Australia GK Sylvester J. York
3 Flag of Lovia Small DF Jeff Carrino
4 Flag of Australia DF Nathan Smith
5 Flag of Belgium DF William Laerbeck Flag of Brunant Cape Cross FC
6 United States DF Patrick Sessions Flag of Brunant Chester Forest FC
7 Flag of Spain DF Washington Rodriguéz Flag of Spain Villarreal CF B
24 Flag of Lovia Small DF Anthony Smith Libertas FC Olympia
8 Flag of Spain MF Ángel Senna Flag of Spain Villarreal CF B
9 Flag of Lovia Small MF Charles Vrecka Flag of Lovia Small FC Caltrava
10 Flag of Lovia Small MF Nick Altidore Flag of Lovia Small FC Caltrava
11 Flag of Lovia Small MF Andrew Nobles United States Portland Timbers
12 Flag of Lovia Small MF Ludwig Siera Flag of Lovia Small Bay Hawks
13 800px-Flag of England svg MF Charles Rodham 800px-Flag of England svg Arsenal F.C. Academy
15 Flag of Lovia Small FW Alexander Clinton Flag of Lovia Small Newhaven Rockets Academy
16 Flag of Australia FW Anthony Carson Flag of Australia Newcastle Jets FC Youth
17 Flag of Lovia Small FW Oliver Clinton Flag of Lovia Small Newhaven Rockets Academy
18 Flag of Canada MF Jean Harper Flag of Canada FC Edmonton
19 United States FW Timothy Oakes United States Atlanta Silverbacks U'23s

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