The Newhaven Concert Hall is a concert hall located in the Downtown Newhaven neighborhood of Newhaven, at 6 Shopping Avenue. The hall was opened in 1974 in order to provide a larger venue for events in the city, and became the main venue for touring rock bands visiting Newhaven as well as the venue for the Newhaven Art Festival. The Newhaven Concert Hall's first show was a concert by KISS as a warm-up show for their Hotter than Hell Tour. The Newhaven Art Festival of 1975 was held a year later. Devo performed at the Newhaven Concert Hall during the Newhaven Art Festival in 1982 during the Lovian leg of their New Traditionalists Tour. The show was broadcasted on the King Biscuit Flower Hour and was taped as part of the live coverage of the 1982 Newhaven Art Festival.

Gallery Edit

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