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The New Green Party is a Lovian political party founded in September 2012. Its leader is Nicholas Sheraldin. It is a left-wing and environmental party, but without the drug-links of the Green Party of Lovia.

Its headquarters are on the 7th floor of Seawater Apartments, Bayside, Noble City, below the official residence of Nicholas Sheraldin. Freedom Press, a semi-official press company, was founded at around the same time as the party by Sheraldin, is strongly affiliated with the party, and has its headquarters in the same building (which is actually an apartment building).

Nicholas Sheraldin has said about the party: "The Green Party of Lovia is what other countries would call a cannabis party. Lovia has never had a proper Green party; the left side of the spectrum is relatively empty. And we won't just be a party for the environment; we will be for freedom and the truth, also."

Its current (official) members are:

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