Neil Hardy Identity
Name Neil Hardy
Sex Male Male
Born May 6, 1986, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Home Seal of Citizen Corner Citizen Corner, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Party affiliation Ccpl CCPL
Languages English, Yorkshire dialect
Member of the Congress
Term 1) 2015
Governor of Kings
Election State Elections, 2014
Election outcome 100% in Kings
Predecessor Marcel Cebara
Neil Martyn Hardy (May 6, 1986) is a Lovian politician and writer. He has served as the Governor of Kings since 2015. A widely supported political figure, he is currently a member of CCPL.

Born in New Town, Noble City in an Anglican family of Yorkshire origin, he graduated from the University of York. He pursued a political career in 2015, after gaining popularity by starting elections. He was elected as the Governor of Kings in addition to as a Member of the Congress. He later stated that he promotes conservatism.



Neil Hardy attended two universities. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Education (PPE) at Oxford University, and studied politics, government, international affairs and economics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, a section of Harvard University. Despite being a member of a middle class family, he could afford to attend these universities. In particular, he showed an interest in politics, however wanted to change Lovia for the better, rather than the 'greedy politicians I (Neil Hardy) experienced during my time in Britain'.

Political careerEdit


In January 2015, Neil Hardy joined the Conservative Nationalist Party. Following joining the party, he held a speech in his home town of Portland, assuring Lovians that their nation would once again be prosperous. He stated 'I have an ambition to revive Lovia. We must hold elections'. Whilst party leader and current Prime Minister Lukas Hoffmann had disappeared, Neil Hardy decided to take initiative and hold State elections. He contented Kings with Kyle Leavy of United Left, Kyle David of Portland Association and Isabella Munson of the CPL.nm. With 44% of the vote, he was elected as Governor of the state. Although this gained him respect and popularity from across the nation, the CNP had a meeting with him. Neil Hardy discussed several matters with Lukas Hoffmann and Dimitri Kalinnikov, and he re-assured the party leader and chairman that he would give them time to form a new Constitution through the National Constitutional Convention. No such action took place, and therefore in March 2015, he decided to leave the party, considering the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia as his primary option.


Just several hours after becoming a member of the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia, Neil Hardy took initiative once more by starting the Federal Elections, 2015. His former party, the CNP, who were in government, were against this move, however the remainder of the nation supported his actions. Neil Hardy was chosen as the Prime Ministerial candidate by his party, however disagreements with his former party CNP saw the extent of his voting turn out to be approximately 35%. Although he was elected as a Member of the Congress, Neil Hardy was part of the opposition government, and therefore his main focus became his state, Kings. He improved the infrastructure heavily, creating a new Kingser transportation system. He became heavily not supportive of the government, attempting to pressure Prime Minister Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky into holding new elections and/or government voting.

Political viewsEdit

Six other Members of the Congress support Neil Hardy's political views. These are Bart Smeets, Anthony Claessens, Adriaan Burgers, Jos De Moor, Willem Brouwer and Theo Cuypers.

LGBT rightsEdit

He is in support of LGBT rights and gay marriage.

Free marketEdit

He is in support of a free market.

Although we may be a small nation, we can maintain good foreign relations. Thanks to historic efforts, we were able to assemble a military with Traspesians, Straslanders, Brunanters, Prasians and Pintonans. This is as a result of the foreign relations we have maintained over the years. The Multinational Task Force was essential in defending the country in the Burenian invasion of Lovia. I also support the continuation of relations with the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada and all others who seek to ally us.
I do like the idea of the establishment of a regional parliament in Oceana. Currently, the state council awards seats dependent on results in other elections. I support fair, democratic elections whereby the people can decide. Such parliament would allow politicians to focus on that particular state. This could be applied to every state, however whilst visiting citizens across states there was more demand for such a parliament in Oceana. I do not feel that Truth Island needs a parliament - and neither do the citizens I've discussed the matter with.