The National Farms List is a list with official farms in Lovia. It's part of the Ministry of Agriculture. The idea came from the Minister of Agriculture, Jhon Lewis. Not every farm in the country is standing on the list.

Supporting of the MinistryEdit

Every farm on the list is sponsored and support by the Minister of Agriculture. The Ministry gives money and support the farm in crisis times and also a monthly sum of money. Also, there will be every three months an inspector who inspect the farm. When the farm not is good, the Ministry support the farm and gives advice and helps the problems solve.

But there are also a couple of conditions:

  • when the farm will be are part of the list, the inspector most be all have approved
  • the administration of the farm is correct
  • there is a correctly staff list
  • the farm most be pay a monthly sum of money
  • the sale of cattle or food must be kept

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