National Alternative
NA logo
Abbreviation NA, Nat-Al
Chairman Isaac Wender
Founded October 2015

██ blue-violet

Ideology Alt-right, nationalism, authoritarianism
Spectrum Far-right
Lovian Politics
Close to UNS, RWCP
Far from CPL.nm, LF, GP, UL
0 / 100
Registered 65 (February 2017)

The National Alternative is a far-right party, founded in October 2015 by Isaac Wender. The party was based off the American alt-right movement, as a political youth movement that opposes traditional conservatives and supports hyper-nationalism and nihilism. The party also advocate men's rights and are known for their use of internet memes in their campaigns.

The NA have become quite controversial, with conservative parties such as the CNP stating their hate for them, as they stand for 'everything that a free Lovia should not be', and 'the emergence of the xenophobic right' (Lovian Times) Despite trying to gain seats in Congress, there have been many calls for the party to disband. Meanwhile they have been supported primarily by MALE Magazine and some more right-wing elements in Lovian society.

The NA have a fortnightly newsletter, published on their website.

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