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Seven Map 1

Seven, or the Central Nation Archipelago

Asian Island Map 1

Clymene, of the Western Nation Archipelago

The Nation Archipelago is one of the archipelagos of Lovia. It has the largest number of islands of any of the archipelagos. The name is due to the fact that a large number of the islands are named after nations.

The Nation Archipelago is made up of two separate groups of islands. The first group is in the east of the archipelago and consists of seven islands, which together make up the state of Seven. A large number of islands are named after countries, hence the name of the archipelago. The second part is formed by Asian and Truth Island, making up the state of Clymene.

The famous Rock of Arnmod is located about 60 feet off American Island in the archipelago.

Central Nation Archipelago Edit

Arrow right See also: Seven for the state which consists of these islands.

Western Nation Archipelago Edit

Arrow right See also: Clymene for the state which consists of these islands.

See also Edit

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