Nathaniel Scribner Identity
Nathaniel Scribner
Full name Nathaniel Hale Scribner
Status Citizen
Sex Male Male
Born 1961, May 9th, Charleston
Home Charleston Seal of charleston, Sylvania Seal of Sylvania
Languages English, German
Roman Catholic
Member of the Congress
Term 2011 - 2011

Nathaniel H. Scribner (born May 9th, 1961) is a former Lovian businessman, MOTC, Federal Police Commissioner, and Secretary of Industry, Agriculture and Trade. He ran the Lovian pharmaceutical company, Scribner Pharmaceuticals, which gave him his wealth. He was a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. At the end of his short political career, he launched the October Coup, which would later arguably become the Lovian Civil War, and during the latter part of the conflict became a pro-federal militia member from the Stephen Headland fighting for the Southern Cross Alliance. He fled the country just after the end of the conflict, fearing prosecution for the coup, and later declared that he would spend most of his time in the USA, as that was where his businesses mostly operated.

Biography Edit

See Also: Lovian Civil War, October Coup

Nathaniel was born on May 9th, 1983, in Charleston, Sylvania to two American immigrants from Indiana and Kentucky. Attending Blackburn University, he excelled in Pharmaceutical Engineering and Business, which allowed him to found Scribner Pharmaceuticals in 2007, allowing him to fill the growing market for Lovian health products and pharmaceutical goods. Nathaniel was instrumental in the creation of thousands of Lovian jobs with the creation of the Oswall Plant, the Wilson Plant and several other labs inside the nation.

In 2011, Scribner was appointed a member of the 2011 Provisional Congress, as a Sylvanian MOTC for the Liberal Democratic Party. In October, Nathaniel declared the Federal Police active in several Lovian cities, launching a coup against then-Prime Minister Marcus Villanova, whom he thought was failing at the position he was given due to the inactivity of the government. He promised elections for a new Prime Minister and government reform, but was ousted, and shortly later, the Lovian Civil War broke out, perhaps stemming from the political chaos he had caused. Just after the end of the conflict, he fled the country, fearing prosecution.

Politics Edit