Nadasha (Oceana for "establishment") is the debut album by Lovian hip-hop band Naselni Jazzeek. It was released in May 2010. It features the hit single Ofurchunet Zosnul o'un Shen.

Leonard Sheraldin of Hyperbola appears on the tracks "Feyr" and "Ewtecksong", as keyboardist. Kelly Adla appears on the track "Hurbanoft", as backing vocalist.

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Kem that lew is espavat"  Traditional 3:50
2. "Iaf Feague To Give"  Podgorie, Szentes 2:45
3. "A Know That Thu Know"  Jolkavsky, Szentes 3:11
4. "Nove Revolutsia"  Jolkavsky, Podgorie 2:59
5. "Feyr"  Szentes, Sheraldin 3:56
6. "Ofurchunet Zosnul o'un Shen"  Jolkavsky, Podgorie, Szentes 4:02
7. "Ewtecksong"  Jolkavsky, Sheraldin, Szentes 7:17
8. "Crew o'Mine Rook"  Podgorie, Jolkavsky 3:33
9. "Feague Fly Eread"  Podgorie, Jolkavsky, Szentes 3:41
10. "Den 'Onsten"  Podgorie, Jolkavsky, Szentes 3:01
11. "Stagenitsh It Fo Me"  Jolkavsky, Szentes 3:10
12. "Rani I That Mouning"  Jolkavsky, Szentes, Podgorie 4:12
13. "Hurbanoft"  Szentes, Jolkavsky, Adla, Podgorie 5:24

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