My Bathroom

Album by Hop-Scotch

Type studio album
Released March 22, 1982
Recorded 1981 at Studio HS in Ferguson Beach Village
Genre post-punk, new wave, no wave, synthpop
Label Lovilago Music / A&M Records
Producer  ???

My Bathroom is the third studio album by Hop-Scotch. It was intended as a concept album about domestic life, featuring the main characters, MSH and FSH (Male-Suburban-Human and Female-Suburban-Human). The album was somewhat intertwined with social satire in this respect. While not much of a success, Jackson Doe states that it was one of the band's finest moments.

This album does not feature the drums of Pierre Alméras, as he was working on his solo album, Birds That Can't Seem To Fly.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "In The Morning"   2:00
2. "Food"   1:53
3. "I've Had So Happy Days"   2:14
4. "Cheap Beer"   3:08
5. "More Sophisticated"   2:26
6. "Nothing For You"   1:57
7. "Traffic Light"   3:00
8. "Nobody Knows Why"   2:39
9. "A Song For Those People"   3:42
10. "Major MSH"   1:56
11. "Hyper-Inactive"   4:40
12. "Money Is The Thing"   2:56
13. "My Bathroom"   4:07
14. "1976" (Hidden track, recording of a song from their early days) 0:55
Total length: