In 1940, communist Brunanter politician Maarten Dolmatoff was assassinated in Noble City.


Maarten Dolmatoff was a former President and Prime Minister of Brunant. While in office, Dolmatoff nationalized many industries and angered the conservatives. He also came to criticize Stalin and showed solidarity with Trotsky. In 1929 there was an assassination attempt on his life where he was injured but not killed. In the late 1930s Dolmatoff came to fear for his life, believing that die-hard conservatives or Stalinists would have him killed. So he moved to Lovia, living in the capital since 1936 with a low profile.


Dolmatoff had lived in a Noble City home where no-one really knew who he was. But on May 2, 1940, an armed man (or woman) entered his home and killed him while he was in the shower. A massive binational investigation took place over 2 years, but no suspects were found. Like King Arthur II's assassination 4 years earlier, many believed that Nazis or right-wing Brunanter nationalists were behind his killing. Others said Stalin had sent someone to kill him, just as they had done to Trotsky in Mexico that year.

In popular cultureEdit

The classic masterpiece film Red Murder (starring Florentine Fortesque) was very loosely based on Dolmatoff's killing.

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