The Multinational Task Force is a task force of members states from IWO and other nations that has played an important role in assisting Lovian authorities during the Burenian invasion of Lovia and its aftermath.

MNTF members are assisting in humanitarian, medical, logistical, security and were involved in combat alongside the Lovian National Army and other units fighting the Burenian, Chvarqvian and Tagogese invading troops during the invasion.


Traspes is one of the biggest supporters of Lovia in the war. The Traspesian Navy decided to send the ship "República" to assist in humanitarian assistance and send 180 soldiers in May 24th. On May 26th the military announced that a jet plane and the ship "Miguel Tenorio" are coming to Lovia with 80 more soldiers on May 29th. The government announced that they will completely support Lovia and can send more soldiers if the sitation becomes more worse but in Traspes the Communist Party and even some members of the Social Left are critical of the war.

Strasland's contribution to the war has been the next-largest, in terms of combat personnel. One ship and crew of the Straslander Navy has been sent to Lovia along with 125 marines of the Coastal Infantry.

Brunant's contribution has been limited largely to Naval support, with two ships sent to Lovia in late May 2014. Two helicopters and crew of the Royal Naval Flying Corps have also been sent over to support the navy in humanitarian, rescue and reconnaissance missions. Prasia has sent 75 combat personnel and a medical crew alongside one ship and two helicopters. Pintona is the smallest contributor, with a crew of 13 military medics and four members of the Pintona Defense Force.

Strasland, Prasian and Traspesian troops mobilized towards Plains to assist Lovian operations there on 29 May. In total, 629 troops and support personnel were involved in the MNTF.

Coalition by number of military personnelEdit

List of Coalition forces by number of military personnel
Country Number of Personnel Contributions
Traspes 260 combat personnelTwo naval ships
One jet plane
Strasland 125 combat personnel
45 naval personnel
One naval ship
Brunant 92 naval personnel
4 helicopter operators
Two naval ships
Two helicopters
Prasia 75 combat personnel
15 medical personnel
One naval ship
Two helicopters
Pintona 13 medical personnel
4 PDF soldiers
Medical assistence


  • Brunant: Captain Andrew Bonner
  • Pintona: xx
  • Prasia: Eduardo Armenteros Lopez
  • Strasland: KK Jens Sonderberg
  • Traspes: José Martin Reyes

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