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Mr. Smiley's, spelled 'Mister Smiley's' in the logo, is Lovian chain of fast food restaurants. It was founded in 1999 by Lester Burnam. The restaurants became popular by due to their drive-in facility. The familiar slogan used upon arrival is 'Smile, you're at Mister Smiley's.' The company possesses facilities in Portland, Newhaven and Noble City. Some of the successful menu's are 'The Smiley Meal' (for youngsters), 'The Maxi Smiley' (a triple meat portion), and 'The Smiling Veggie' (for vegetarians).

Menu Edit

Breakfast Edit

Mr. Smiley's only provides a breakfast menu in Noble City, where the restaurant opens at 6 am. The other restaurants open at midday and serve lunch and dinner only

Reviews Edit

The food was bland, missing a lot of natural flavor. The service was quick, about the only good thing about this restaurant. 1 star-Cinq Etoiles

People who visit Mr. Smiley's on a regular basis Edit

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