Highlands Map 1

The situation of Mt. Emerald in the map's center

Mount Emerald, also known as the Emerald, (3,036.4 ft, 925.5 m) is a Lovian mountain and the highest point of Peace Island. Its peak is situated on the border between the states of Oceana and Sylvania. The 3,000 feet high mountain has given its name to the surrounding Emerald Highlands. As it is rather small compared to continental mountains, it is sometimes referred to as a steep hill. It is situated near to Mount Smith, located a few miles to the south in Oceana.

The mountain is named after the green gemstone emerald[1], because of the Emerald's very deep bluegreen color and the large amount of trees surrounding the peak.

The Beaver River spring rises at the base of a bluff on the west side of Mount Emerald.

References and notes Edit

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