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Mother! is a popular Lovian soap opera. The production began in May 1993 and it is broadcast since July 1993 and produced first by Jungle TV Studios and since 2000 by Lovilago Film. It has been broadcast on several television channels and is currently broadcast on ATV.

Much used locations are the living room of the Walkers, the kitchen of the Walkers, the high school of the children and the neighborhoods of a fictional town in Kings.

When James J.K. Wilson (Grandad) died in real life in a car accident on Highway 1, his character died a natural death in the soap series. Gran's burial in the soap was on Monday, 23 February, 2004.

In recent years the show has maintained it's status as one of Lovia's most popular shows by adding two new characters, one of them being "Tanya" who married Little John, in the show in 2011.

Cast Edit

Period Actor Role
1993-now Robert Cunnigan Gerald Walker, jr. (Dad)
1993-now Isabella Varna Marge J. Walker (Mum)
1993-2004 James J.K. Wilson Gerald Walker, sr. (Grandad)
1994-now Horace Bush John G. Walker (Little John)
2001-2007 Elly Buick Lindsay McDough (Lins)
2002-now Sean Gibson Mike Hodges (The Briton)
2002-now Alan Hunter Luke Hodges (Mr Hodges)
2002-now Melanie Brown Dana Hodges (Mrs Hodges)
2003-2004 Daisy McCain Daisy Hodges (Daisy)
2007-now Jhon Lewis Jackie (Jackie)
2008-now Harriet Garner Rachel Ney (Tanya)

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