Monde Culinaire is a fine dining and culinary magazine. Monde Culinaire is based in Libertas but publishes in Brunant and Lovia. Monde culinaire works with the Guide Cinq Etoiles to produce a ranking of the best restaurants among IWO nations. Previous winners include Zigzag (Brunant: 2010, 2011), Urban Bistro (Libertas: 2007, 2009) and Restaurant Phoenix (Lovia: 2008). Presently the number one restaurant is Alchimie in Roodstad, winner in 2012 and 2013.

2012 Top 10 Edit

1Alchimie 1 6Simon 1
2Urban bistro 1 7Elcano
3Synesthesia 8Mean beef 1
4Zigzag 1 9Zonlicht 1
5La stragata 1 0Old port 1

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