Moderate Party logo shows the Cornwall Lighthouse built during their time in government.

The Moderate Party is a centrist political party founded by fishers and dockersin the early days of the founding of Cornwall. The Party doesn't take many political positions except supporting political responsibility, higher wages for the workers on the Cornwall Docks and bi-partisan nature in politics. The Party has never recieved more than three seats on the council at once and has only been in government once with the Cornish Progressive Party and left because of the described "radical" nature of the nationalization at the time. 

The Party has also recieved support from moderate union workers from the Cornwall Seamen Union and other moderate supporters. Party founder and dock worker Chris Reginald was unsucessful as getting the Party as a staple in Cornish politics and only recieved three votes himself in his District, and one seat in the first elections. 

Election resultsEdit

  • 1920 - Only recieved 13% of the vote from single district seats, and after not hosting a Council President candidate, they only recieved one councilor from Proportional representation.

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