The Ministry of Science is a Lovian federal ministry. The MoS, as it is abbreviated, governs issues relating to the sciences. The ministry is involved with conducting and funding research, setting guidelines on how science is to be done, and publishing results. The ministry was founded on May 8, 2015, on the day of the Inauguration of the Whithdonck-Malsky I Government, itself inaugurated a few days after the Inauguration of the 2015 Congress. It began operations the next day, on May 9. It was one of three ministries to be founded with the inauguration of the Whithdonck-Malsky I Government. The incumbent Minister of Science is Peter Blanch (SDU).

Since its foundation, the Ministry's main achievement has been the passing of the Research Funding Act, which officially established the Lovian Research Council.

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Lovian Federal Ministries
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