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The Ministry of Justice is a Lovian federal ministry. It is occupied with federal justice (Supreme Court) and the oversight control over all courts. The ministry was founded on February 1, 2012, the day of the Inauguration of the Ilava I Government and 2012 Congress. It began operations the next day, on February 2, replacing the former Department of Justice. The incumbent Minister of Justice is Aina Sarria (RI).

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Justice Edit

The Ministry of Justice is tasked with ensuring that justice is served in Lovia, and that it is served well. The ministry runs all courts, appoints all judges, and runs all prisons within Lovia. Currently, there is one court, the Supreme Court, and one prison, the Embankment Federal Penitentiary. The ministry is also tasked with running and appointing judges to all future courts that may be established in the future. The ministry must also work with the Prime Minister and Congress to ensure that justice is as good as it can be in Lovia.

Courts Edit

All courts in Lovia are managed by the Ministry of Justice. The Constitution currently requires only one court, the Supreme Court, and no part of the Federal Law establishes another court. The Ministry appoints judges to courts and ensures the quality of the Supreme Court and its justice.

Prisons Edit

Another task of the Ministry is running prisons. People convicted in court may be sent to prisons to serve out a sentence if decided by the judge. One prison has so far been established: the Embankment Federal Penitentiary, located in Industrial Park, Noble City. The prison is currently functioning effectively, though the Ministry is tasked with improving current prisons and establishing new ones if the need arises.

Supreme Court Edit

Arrow right Main article: Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Judges Edit

Arrow right See also: Judge for more information on judges and the appointment of Supreme Court Judges.

In each six-month term of the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice nominates several justices who have made their candidacy in Congress. An election then occurs in Congress, and the three justices that win the most votes become the three Supreme Court judges for that term. The Ministry of Justice also appoints replacement judges to the Supreme Court, which have to be approved by a normal majority in Congress.

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