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The Ministry of Defense is a Lovian federal ministry. The ministry's job currently is improving and maintaining the Federal Police, although other tasks are expected to arise in the future. The Ministry of Defense was founded on February 1, 2012, the day of the Inauguration of the Ilava I Government and 2012 Congress. The ministry began operations the next day. The incumbent Minister of Defense is Judy Almore (UL).

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Federal Police Edit

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Currently the Ministry of Defense puts the majority of its effort into managing the Federal Police. They normally assign a Commissioner after elections and then proceed to reform the Police as they see fit and as well as adjusting staff pays and introducing or changing legislation associated to the Federal Police. They also are responsible for the funding of the Federal Police.

Legislation Edit

The Ministry of Defense also works towards legislation concerning national security. It is one of the foremost responsibility of the Minister of Defense to provide advice on all bills concerning national security, the federal police or matters which relate to these. As a member of the Government they should provide legislative assistance to fellow government bills.


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