Ministries in the Kingdom of Lovia are specialized government departments responsible for a sector of public administration. The system was adopted only recently, in early-2012, as a key change introduced by the Ilava I Government. It gave a new meaning to the position of the Lovian Prime Minister, placing them at the forefront of all of the nation's ministries. Ministers are generally selected after a private debate in Congress shortly after the close of elections.


The system was proposed on January 3, 2012, by William Krosby, and was officially adopted by the Ilava I Government. Because those behind it argued that it would be operated similarly to the failing departments, only with key improvements, the proposal was passed without any official congressional vote, and without much protest. All active secretaries who were previously holding office in a department continued to serve in the corresponding ministry, while the recipients of the newly-opened offices were decided in a private discussion and vote held in Congress after the 2012 Federal Elections.

Following the 2013 Federal elections, a reshuffle occurred, resulting in the situation detailed below. Most notably, a new ministry was created, the Ministry for Family, Youth and the Elderly, after campaigning by the CCPL. The only ministers to keep their positions were Oos Wes Ilava, who remained as prime minister and Minister of Culture, Lukas Hoffmann who remained as Minister of Defence, and Percival Galahad who remained as Minister of Finance. Costello, McComb, Opat', Torres, An and McCrooke were expelled from the cabinet altogether. New additions to the cabinet consisted of Bennett, Leskromento, Williams, Sheraldin, Eastwood, no Eisei, Aksyonov and Straszev.

Incumbent positionsEdit

Head of state Name Party
Ruling monarch

King Sebastian I of Lovia

does not apply
Prime Minister Justin Abrahams UL
Minister Name Party
Minister of Agriculture Rakham Tarik Al-Asmari GP
Minister of Commerce Alexandre Grosvenor CNP
Minister of Culture Oos Wes Ilava CCPL
Minister of Defence Lukas Hoffmann CNP
Minister of Education Marcel Cebara UL
Minister of Energy and Resources Charles Alexander Bennett independent
Minister of Environment Nicholas Sheraldin GP
Minister of Family, Youth, and Elderly Oos Wes Ilava CCPL
Minister of Finance Bart Koenen CCPL
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicholas Sheraldin GP
Minister of Health Annabelle Mayer UL
Minister of Justice Charles Jones CNP
Minister of Labour Michelle Lawrence UL
Minister of Tourism and Sport Yuri Aksyonov CNP
Minister of Transportation Alexei Krasnov CNP
Speaker of the Congress Nicholas Sheraldin GP
Appointees Name Appointed by
Lovian Federal Ministries
Agriculture - Commerce - Culture - Defense - Education - Energy and Resources - Environment - Family, Youth, and Elderly - Finance - Foreign Affairs - Health - Justice - Labour - Minorities - Science - Social Affairs - Tourism and Sport - Transportation

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