Mikál Ský Identity
Mikal Sky
Name Mikál Ský
Full name Mikál Hlan Ský
Sex Male Male
Born March 22, 1868, Žilina, Slovakia
Deceased December 21, 1933, Seal of Newhaven Newhaven, Kings
Functions Miner
Chairman of Scotland Seal of Hurbanova
Mail deliverer
Languages English, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Mikál Ský (March 22 1868, Zilina, Slovakia - December 21, 1933, Newhaven, Kings) was a well-known Oceana who created the Skyllenn theory, stating for the first time in history that Oceana would have a specific culture that was different from the Lovian culture. Mikál was chairman of Scotland, Hurbanova, until the hamlet had been abandoned because of threatening floods nearby in 1904.

Mikál Ský was the brother of writer George Ský. They had come together with their families in the 80s to Hurbanova, to work in the mines. When Mikál accused the Mayor of Hurbanova of fraud, he was obliged to leave his state and live his life elsewhere. He delivered mail in Newhaven until his sudden death in 1933 from an unidentified disease.

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