Michael Aquarius Identity
Mopar Black
Name Michael Aquarius
Full name Michael Seven Aquarius
Sex Male Male
Born January 8, 1962, Flag of Lovia Small Feltmolen, Clymene
Home Seal of Kinley Old Kinley, Kinley, Seven
Functions Racing promoter, racecar driver
Languages English

Michael Aquarius (Feltmolen, January 8, 1962) is a Lovian racing promoter and racecar driver, known for helping promote worldwide motorsports events in Lovia.

In 1993, he brought the NASCAR Winston Cup Series to Lovia on a temporary circuit set up on the streets of Hurbanova. That same year, Michael brought Special Events' PENDA Points Series to Lovia, playing 2 shows to thousands of fans at the Old Cricket Field. He has assembled a talented staff, and now promotes NASCAR, ARCA, Indy, and Monster Jam in Lovia.

He owns the Ticketron computerized event ticketing technology brand in Lovia. He has owned it since he bought surplus Ticketron units in order to sell more tickets for the NASCAR race in Hurbanova in 1993.

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