The Men's Lovian Curling Association 2012 was the third edition of the Men's Lovian Curling Association.


This edition was the first to have six teams (2010 and 2011 had four). The Hurbanova Greats and the Newhaven Stars made their debuts.


Regular seasonEdit

Athina Sofasi 7-8 Bay Hawks

Hurbanova Greats 8-13 Newhaven Stars

Noble City Kings 6-9 Walker Cavaliers

Athina Sofasi 17-4 Hurbanova Greats

Noble City Kings 10-9 Bay Hawks

Walker Cavaliers 8-9 Newhaven Stars

Athina Sofasi 7-5 Noble City Kings

Walker Cavaliers 15-2 Hurbanova Greats

Newhaven Stars 7-10 Bay Hawks

Athina Sofasi 8-6 Walker Cavaliers

Newhaven Stars 6-7 Noble City Kings

Bay Hawks 18-3 Hurbanova Greats

Athina Sofasi 7-9 Newhaven Stars

Bay Hawks 9-8 Walker Cavaliers

Hurbanova Greats 5-15 Noble City Kings


Athina Sofasi 7-8 Bay Hawks (carried over from regular season)

Bay Hawks 9-10 Athina Sofasi

Athina Sofasi 8-10 Bay Hawks

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