MII Government Seal

Seal of the Medvedev II Government

The Medvedev II Government is the previous federal government of Lovia from February 1, 2010. It was named after Yuri Medvedev, then-Prime Minister. It was the second elected government since the signing of the Constitution in 2007 and was preceded by a provisional Congress and the Medvedev I Government. It was officially inaugurated on Inauguration Day 2010 after being elected in the Federal Elections. The government had a balanced composition that reflected the elections well. Medvedev II was succeeded by the Donia I Government.

Composition Edit

Head of state Name Party
Ruling monarch King Dimitri I of Lovia does not apply
Prime Minister Yuri Medvedev CPL.nm
Federal Secretary Name Party
Culture, Heritage and Education Oos Wes Ilava CCPL
Energy & Environment Andy McCandless Walden
Transportation[1] Andy McCandless (until June 11)
Christina Kay Evans (as of June 11)
Finance Yuri Medvedev (until June 11)
Percival E. Galahad (from June 11 until Nov. 9)
vacant (as of Nov. 9)
Liberal Union
does not apply
Foreign Affairs Lars Washington (until June 11)
Alexandru Latin (as of June 11)
Liberal Union
Industry, Agriculture and Trade Harold Freeman (until June 11)
Jon Johnson (as of June 11)
Liberal Union
Justice Alyssa C. Red CPL.nm
Tourism and Leisure (created June 11) Marcus Villanova Walden
Welfare Edward Hannis (until June 11)
Martha Van Ghent (as of June 11)
Appointees Name Appointed by
Federal Charity Fund (inactive) Harold Freeman Percival E. Galahad
Federal Police (inactive) vacant Martha Van Ghent
National Monument Service Percival E. Galahad (as of Nov. 11) Oos Wes Ilava
National Park Service Martha Van Ghent Andy McCandless
Royal Educational Aims Council (inactive)[2] vacant
Andy McCandless
Harold Freeman
Jon Johnson
Martha Van Ghent
King Dimitri I of Lovia
Oos Wes Ilava
Yuri Medvedev
Yuri Medvedev
Supreme Court (Judge) Arthur Jefferson Alyssa C. Red

Elections Edit

Arrow right Main article: Federal Elections, 2010.
Arrow right Main article: Mid-term Elections, 2010.

References Edit

  1. Until June 11 this department was held together with the Department of Energy & Environment
  2. A reform proposal has been made in the Second Chamber, which would reform the REAC into a three-member institution without appointments: two Secretaries and the Prime Minister would constitute the REAC.

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