Meanwhile is the sixth studio album by Hop-Scotch, released on August 16, 1988. This album marked their departure from Lovilago/A&M and on to Vendetta.

It is generally considered the first in a long line of concept albums, in this case considering time and its impact on human society.

Meanwhile was not received well as there were very few punk/new wave elements as compared to previous albums, the band saying that they had 'grown up' comparing Go Forth! to Meanwhile, and now were able to do conceptual art-rock pieces.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Poor Man"   4:00
2. "Effective Time"   3:16
3. "Quarter Hour"   15:00
4. "He Moves You"   3:22
5. "Eighth Hour"   7:30
6. "Feel Old"   1:54
7. "Sixteenth Hour"   3:45
8. "Never Going to Change Like That"   2:29
9. "Thirty-second Hour"   1:53
Total length:

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