Maya Diosa Gilmore Identity
Name Maya Diosa Gilmore
Born July 6, 1967, San Francisco
Spouse Lou Callenbach
Functions Self-employed architect
Party affiliation Reboot, environmentalism
Languages English, Spanish
spiritual atheism

Maya Gilmore (born July 6, 1967 in San Francisco) is an American-born Lovian architect of environmentally friendly houses and community living projects. She is aligned with Reboot and is currently working on plans to revert some of the existing energy-inefficient structures in Lovia to passive houses.

Personal life Edit

When Maya was born in 1967, she was Don Gilmore and Sue Pearce's second child. They raised their four children in a very loose way, but with great emphasis on communal values and love for every living thing. Maya was raised a Buddhist, but she rejected her parents' faith at age 11 and has since been a spiritual atheist.

Gilmore is married to Lou Callenbach and has two adoptive daughters. They live on a houseboat, most of the time moored in Noble City.