Matthew McComb Identity
Full name Matthew Tyler McComb
Sex Male Male
Born September 25, 1982,
Home 5 Southern Avenue, New Town, Noble City (SY-NC-NT)
Functions LCP Commander
  • Minster Of Education
Party affiliation PL Logo Positive Lovia
Languages English
Mormon Church of Sylvania, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Just like old times, huh, Chris?
— Matt reminisces with his old friend Christopher Costello during the Lovian Civil War.

Commander Matthew McComb, going by Sigma-One in the presence of his elite troops, is a male citizen of Lovia, and a high-ranking officer in the Lovian Coastal Police. A former historian, Matthew decided to join the Coastal Police in an effort change the world for the better.

Early Life and military career Edit

Matt was born to a pair of hard working middle class people.

Even at an early age, Matt knew how he wanted to live his life. He was a bright boy, who planned on becoming a Lovian historian. Matt progressed through his educational career, as was expected of him, but always displayed a proficiency in the basic academic studies.

Towards the end of his elementary school years, Matthew met Christopher Costello. The two became great friends though their personalities couldn't be any less alike.

After graduating from Nobel University (now Blackburn University), McComb contemplated whether he should return and try for becoming a history professor. His close friend, Christopher Costello, who was already making millions, however, urged him to retire, saying that his income could easily take care of them both.

Matt reluctantly agreed, not doubting that his friend's site would continue to grow and pay the bills. After Costello broadened his horizons, however, and decided that he'd find a place in the Federal Police, Matt decided to start looking for a career of his own. Perhaps just to entertain or occupy him. That is just what he did, and after Costello founded the Lovian Coastal Police, Matt was the first to be admitted.

Matt proved himself to be a valiant fighter, and Costello placed him as the leader of Sigma-1 Tactical Operations Dispatch Platoon.

Career Edit

If it was dangerous to the public image of Lovia, it most likely went to Sigma.


Lovian Civil War Edit

This war could have possibly been avoided if the rebels understood that their government was merely trying to protect them.
— Matt on the Lovian Civil War.

As the Lovian Civil War broke out, Matt aligned with Costello and the government, firm in his belief that the rebels didn't understand what what the government has done for them. Matt spent most of his time correlating events back to previous wars, considering what successful maneuvers he could use to halt insurrectionist activity going by sea.

When Matt's old friend Costello stopped by the base in order to request Matt's help, he eagerly complied. Matt fought alongside Costello and participated in the historical "Long Walk". After the war concluded, Matt expressed his sorrow for the lost lives, but was clearly happy to have fought alongside his old friend and to "finally have made history, as opposed to only studying it."

Personal Life Edit

Matt has lived in Noble City for all of his life. In his words, "This is my home. I'll live here until my last breath." His devotion to Noble City is what prompted him to join the Lovian Police.

His home in New Town is a small house, fit for two or three. It's a large contrast to his friend Christopher Costello's home. Matt has no pets.

When not on assignment or at home, he can commonly be found at the Federal Archives, reading on the history of Lovia.

He is an avid video game player. At home, he can be found playing Xbox 360 or the Wii.

Weapons Training Edit

Matt has standard police training, and also superior command training, in the form of working in the field.

Matt also has minor melee training in the form of Japanese sword fighting. Matt sees this as a form of self-defense in case of home break-in or a robbery or the like.

Political Views Edit

Matt does not like fascism. After seeing it's harmful effects on Italy in World War II, Matt believe the same collapse could happen here.

A member of Positive Lovia, Matt supports a democratic government.

Religious Views Edit

Matt has been a Mormon ever since he was born. Since Mormon churches are a rarity in Noble City, he goes to the church outside Noble City.

His religious views do not cloud his judgment on politics. It only effects Matt's actions during his daily life.

Views on different people Edit

Christopher Costello Edit

Chris and I have been friends since fourth grade... Although I don't condone his behavior.
— Matt on Chris and his "way" with women.

Chris has been helping Matt ever since they got out of college. Matt's friendship with Chris has been strengthened by the heroic acts the duo did durring the Lovian Civil War. As the two are as different as can be, many wonder how Matt and Chris became friends after all. The two have had fights more times than often.

In spite of all of that, Matt is a steadfast ally of Chris' and Chris himself knows that if there's something Matt can do for him, Matt will do it.

Ygo August Donia Edit

Even durring the civil war, Matt respected the man behind the Brigade. The Brigade itself, as well, Matt respected because they were made to protect.(Even if they ended up fighting on the wrong side of the war.) Matt also respect Ygo for their similar loves of God and Jesus.

Rosana de Oliveira-Torres Edit

I'd be wary if you're gonna go all the way with Chris, miss. He almost never goes to bed alone. Even when his flame is away. He's "never alone", to say the least.
— Matt warning Rosana about Chris "habit".

As she is his boss, Matt thinks highly of Rosana, and is on a face-to-face relationship with her. He gives her advice on Chris and others in the system, due to her recent promotion.