Massimiliano Di Traglia Identity
Name Massimiliano Di Traglia
Sex Male Male
Born April 9, 1952, Flag of San Marino Cailungo
Spouse Stacy Schultz
Home Seal of Adoha Adoha
Functions Musician
Party affiliation CPL.nm
Languages English, Italian

Massimiliano Di Traglia (Cailungo, April 9, 1952) is a Lovian musician who is the founder of the post-punk band Hop-Scotch.

Massimiliano was born in San Marino at the Ospedale di Stato della Repubblica di San Marino in Cailungo, and he and his parents moved to Lovia at age 5. His father worked as an doctor at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

He and Selena Stravinsky were childhood friends, and have collaborated several times.

Massimiliano is a member of the Ahmadiyya religious movement, and due to this, rarely eats pig meat or drinks alcohol.

Equipment Edit

Current Edit

  • Roland Jupiter-80
  • Roland SH-101 (with Electro Harmonix SYNTH9 and Dwarfcraft Devices The Internet pedals)
  • Roland Gaia SH‑01
  • Moog Minimoog Model D (1970 original)
  • Moog Minimoog Model D (2016 reissue)
  • Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition
  • Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue
  • Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp
  • Korg ARP Odyssey
  • Roland V‑Piano
  • Roland HP-207
  • Korg Trident MK1 (1980 original)
  • GLS Audio ES-58-S microphone
  • Sony UTX-P03 plug-on transmitter
  • Sony URX-P03 portable receiver

Former Edit

  • Strich & Zeidler Model G Empire Upright Piano - In Hop-Scotch's early days, Massimiliano stood behind this vintage upright piano with his EDP Wasp and a ARP Odyssey Mark III taped to the player's side of the case. The piano is now retired and sits in Jackson Doe's basement.
  • ARP Odyssey Mark III - The aforementioned Odyssey was later used as a makeshift keytar by Nunzio Inzaghi, and when it was relegated to backup duty in the mid-90's it bounced around unexamined in a road case, and suffered cosmetic damage.

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