Marty Elsen (born December 25, 1975 in Gent, Belgium) and Ellen Elsen (born May 4, 1973 in Namur, Belgium) are a Lovian-Belgian husband and wife television production team. Together they have produced several television series and documentaries for both Lovian and international television networks. They are best known for their work on 35,000 Feet.

Biography Edit

Marty and Ellen were born in Gent, Belgium and Namur, Belgium respectively, and met at an art college in Brussels in 1993, whilst working on a documentary project together. The two got on immediately, and began dating later that year. After graduating, they moved to Noble City together, and began producing documentaries for small independent film companies.

They achieved mainstream success in 2011, with their mockumentary comedy 35,000 Feet, despite the show being the couple's first foray into comedy. In 2013, it was reported that the couple had expressed an interest in producing a documentary about the Royal family of Lovia.

Personal lives Edit

Marty and Ellen married in 2004, and have two children together, Inez (born 2005) and Terri (born 2010).

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