Martin H. Sheraldin (born 22nd May 1981, Noble City) is a (founding) member of the Green Party and the brother of its leader, Nicholas Sheraldin. He is also the director of Sheraldin Architects.

He is married to Josephine Sheraldin-Harford (b. 1983) (also a Green Party member), and has three children, Julian (b. 2003), Zachary (b. 2007) and Crystal (b. 2011). He is the oldest of five siblings, the others being Nicholas Sheraldin (b. 1983), Leonard Sheraldin (b. 1984), Damon Sheraldin (b. 1986) and Vanessa Sheraldin (b. 1989).

He lives at Pines Apartments II, Pines, Newhaven, Kings (in the same building as some Green Party/Freedom Press offices and one of Nicholas's secondary residences), with his wife and children.

In 2014, he gained the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs as part of the Abrahams I Government, and he retained this post with the Hoffmann I Government.

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