Marki Jólkavský Identity
Marki Jolkavsky
Name Marki Jólkavský
Sex Male Male
Born September 20, 1982, Flag of Lovia Small Hurbanova, Oceana
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions Rapper
Languages Oceana, English

Marki Jólkavský (Hurbanova, September 20, 1982) is a Lovian rapper and member of Naselni Jazzeek, a hip hop band which exclusively sings in the language of Oceana. The band broke through in March 2010 with the hip hop hit Ofurchunet Zosnul o'un Shen.

Personal life Edit

Marki was born in a Hurbanovan family which originated from Slovakia. His father, Vyacheslav Jólkavský, had been a mine worker in the Tatra Mountains before he was contracted by a Lovian mining company in Hurbanova in 1952. Together with his wife he came over and established in the State of Oceana.

Marki didn't learn the Slovak language though, because of a lack of interest. As an adolescent, he starts identifying himself as a Hurbanovan. He decides to go to a college where courses are given in both Oceana and English.

Musical career Edit

In the 2009 Fall, he forms the hip hop band Naselni Jazzeek together with youth friends Mihály Szentes and Pahor Jamal Podgorie, both of them being Lovian Slovaks. They decide to write in Oceana only, to promote the language which had almost become extinct. Their main goal is to make the language interesting for the youth.

Their first hit was Ofurchunet Zosnul o'un Shen, which became popular in the entire country. The underground band decided to create a single cd for the major hit. Marki, desperate that not a single company offered to release the cd, went to his father Vyacheslav, who founded Orbaloft Productions to help his son with his hit single.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  1. May 2010 - Nadasha (planned)

Singles Edit

  1. March 2010 - Ofurchunet Zosnul o'un Shen

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