Mario Torres (born 11th February 1990) is a Lovian born football player of mixed Spanish, Italian and American roots. He plays for Azzuri FC, a team from New Town. He plays as a midfielder, and is usually the vice captain of the team.

Biography Edit

Torres was born to Julio Torres and Renata Danzoni. His father followed the criminal activities of is grandfather, James Torres. In 1981, Julio was a chef. Mario is the first child of Julio and Renata. He was born in 1986. In his youth, Mario played football for the youth team of Azzuri FC, the local football club because his father livis in New Town. Since 2008, he plays for Azzuri FC (main team). His father owned a restaurant, Oxygen where Mario worked for part from 2008 until he was signed by the club in November of the same year. The girlfriend of Mario is Christina Rossi. He lives in New Town.

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