Marian Caragiale (born July 8, 1967) is an Adlibitan diplomat and the incumbent ambassador of Adlibita to Lovia. Caragiale was appointed after Marius Ştefan stepped down in 2008. Caragiale functions as first contact between Lovia and Adlibita and resides at the Adlibitan Embassy in Little Europe, Noble City.

Biography Edit

She grew up in Christianenburg, Adlibita and worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Caragiale was the ambassador of Adlibita to France between 2005 and 2009. When Marius Stefan resigned as ambassador to Lovia in 2008, the Adlibitan government decided not to appoint a new person. Caragiale was appointed his successor in November 2009. Since her appointment, relations between both countries have grown. She welcomed Adlibitan-Lovian politician Alexandru Latin several times at the Adlibitan Embassy and attended his funeral in December 2010.

She is married and has two children.

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