Margret Bača Identity
Name Margret Bača
Full name Margret Anne Bača
Sex Female Female
Born May 8th, 1955, East Hills Hurbanova, Oceana
Home East Hills, Oceana
Functions NPO vice party leader
Languages Oceana, English, French
Roman Catholic

Margret Bača (born May 8th, 1955) is a Lovian of mixed descent from East Hills, Oceana. Her father, Thomas Bača, was a miner of Slovak origin, and her mother, Patrique Makemba, was an French-born immigrant to Lovia of Congolese origin. The family was middle class and Margret took an interest in politcs from a young age. She went to Noble University on a full scholorship due to her very high grades. She then joined the CPL.nm, but then because of her views on Oceana nationalism she joined and reformed the viewpoints and image of the Natsionalistiski Parti 'Oshenna. She was elected in 2011 with her good friend and party leader of the NPO, Alžbeta Lenka and Xavier Jackson.