Marcus Hawkwood Identity
Name Marcus Hawkwood
Full name Marcus Thomas Hawkwood
Sex Male Male
Born March 3rd, 1954, Newhaven
Home Portland
Languages English, Mandarin, Russian
Calvinist, Christian

Marcus Hawkwood (March 3rd, 1972, Newhaven) is a Lovian politician. He is well known for speaking his mind and his lack of patience. His crude remarks have countless times thrown him in the media spotlight. His years as a politician has seen him gain a small dedicated following but also a ever growing group that dislike him.

Biography Edit

Marcus Hawkwood was born in Newhaven in 1972 to Julie and Thomas Hawkwood. After the death of Marcus’s father when he was two, he moved with his mother to New Zealand where they had family. They moved to Palmerston North, New Zealand where his mother had family. He completed secondary school at Palmerston North Boys High School with good grades. He excelled in sport, notably Rugby which he played in the 1st XV and in Cross Country Running.

Marcus Hawkwood at the age of 18 studied defense studies at the Massey university in New Zealand. Which he followed up with a brief time in the new Zealand Defense Force. He was a officer in the New Zealand Army for 8 years. Marcus left the military at the age of 30. He then studied politics and business at Oxford and completed his degree with high grades. There he met his wife Marian while at university and married her when he was 33. Marcus was the CEO of the private Security firm for ten years till he retired from his position and sold the majority of his Shares. He moved to The Kingdom of Lovia when he was 43 to open up Kyntex, to build and own several swimming pools over Lovia. In 2008 He resigned his position as CEO of Kyntex and became mayor of Portland. He is currently living in Portland with his wife.

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