Marcela Grambini Identity
Marcela g.
Name Marcela Grambini
Full name Marcela Annetta Grambini
Sex Female Female
Born July 19 1956, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Home Seal of Mandarin Village Mandarin Village, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions fashion model
Languages English, Italian
Roman Catholic

Marcela Annetta Grambini (July 19 1956) is a Lovian fashion model and daughter of fashion model and actress Coletta Grambini.

Biography Edit

Grambini was born in 1956 to Coletta Grambini and John Davies. Her mother was a famous Libertan-Lovian actress and model and her father a engineer. She moved to Italy in 1977.

Carreer Edit

In 1979, Grambini was seen on a poster of an Italian jewelry store. The posters were suspended in the northern regions. A Lovian fashioner saw her and took her to Noble City were she sold a house. Marcela married to Pedro Pennington-Ramsley and they had four children: Maria (1983), Luciano (1986), Pietro and Elina (1987). She had many contracts by fashion stores and was seen on magazines, posters ... When her mother died in 1995, she stopped her carreer.

She is still married with Pennington-Ramsley and they lives on the 7th floor of Princess, an apartment building in Mandarin Village, Noble City.