The following article is a list of maps of Lovia and contains all state maps, island maps an overviews.

Maps of Lovia Edit

Lovia Map 1

Lovia: islands

Lovia Map 2

Lovia: states and islands

Lovia Map 3

Lovia: islands (light print map)

Blank state map

Lovia: states

Varieties on the general maps of Lovia:

Maps by island or island group Edit

Maps of the Central Nation Archipelago Edit

Arrow right Main article: #Maps of Seven.

Maps of Kings Island Edit

Arrow right Main article: #Maps of Kings.

Maps of Peace Island Edit

Peace Island Map 1

Peace Island and Discovery Isle: states, cities, seas and islands

Peace Island Map 2

Peace Island and Discovery Isle: seas and islands (light print map)

Geographical regions of Peace Island

Peace Island: geographical regions

Highlands Map 1

Emerald Highlands: geographical regions, mountains, towns and hamlets

Maps of the Western Nation Archipelago Edit

Arrow right Main article: #Maps of Clymene.

Maps by state Edit

Maps of Clymene Edit

State map Clymene

Lovia: Clymene is highlighted red

Asian Island Map 1

Clymene: islands, towns and seas

Maps of Kings Edit

State map Kings

Lovia: Kings is highlighted red

Kings Map 1

Kings: states and islands

Kings Map 2

Kings: states, islands and towns

Maps of Oceana Edit

State map Oceana

Lovia: Oceana is highlighted red

Oceana Map 1

Oceana: states, islands and cities

Maps of Seven Edit

State map Seven

Lovia: Seven is highlighted red

Seven Map 1

Central Nation Archipelago: islands, towns and seas

Maps of Sylvania Edit

State map Sylvania

Lovia: Sylvania is highlighted red

Sylvania Map 1

Sylvania: states

Sylvania Map 2

Sylvania: states, cities and towns

See also Edit

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