Town and neighbourhood maps in Lovia have some standard colors for every different use. Attention! These colors are not the same for every Wikination! Though some nations like Reptin, Vinceria and Mäöres use the same colors combined with the same meaning.

Map colors Edit

Living Color code Example
Houses #F0E68C Sofasi
Apartment buildings #F0E750 Downtown
Industry, agriculture and transportation Color code Example
Railways #8B4513 Train Village
Walls #D2B48C Hurbanova
Industry #999CC6 Old Harbor
Agriculture #BBDD66 Long Road
Runways #778899 Clymene State Airport
Tourism, entertainment and shopping Color code Example
Hotels, motels and camping #FF7F50 Sofasi
Eating and drinking #FF7990 Trading Quarter
Shops, stores and shopping malls #FFD700 Newhaven
Sporting facilities #98FB98 Bayside
Administrative Color code Example
Administrative buildings #DCDCDC Downtown
Offices #999999 Downtown
Nature Color code Example
Forests and parks #99CC66 Muza
Beaches #EEE8AA Sofasi
Water #E0FFFF Old Harbor
Misc. Color code Example
Destroyed, heavily damaged or raided #000000 Sofasi
Under construction or under repair #5D0000 hypothetical

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