Maggie Bell Identity
Name Maggie Bell
Full name Margaret Jane Bell
Born August 8, 1976, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Functions MOTC
Languages English
Nondenominational Christian

Maggie Bell (born August 8, 1976) is a Lovian politician. She is currently a member of the Liberal Democratic Party since May 2011, after her old party, the Liberal Union, merged to form the new LDP.

Life Edit

Maggie Bell was born in Sofasi, Clymene. After completing secondary education in 1994, she attended Blackburn University and majored in philosophy and minored in political science. Bell completed her courses in 2002, she joined the Freedom First party and began campaigning for it. As F1's popularity declined in 2006, Maggie Bell replaced the spot of another F1 politician who decided not to run again. Despite a massive loss in F1 seats, going from seven to three seats, Bell received a seat. She did not, however, run again in the 2008 Congressional Elections. She joined the Liberal Democrats at their formation, and after it dissolved she joined the Liberal Union. Bell was elected again in the 2011 Special Federal Elections as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.