Lovilago Music
Lovilago Music
Name Lovilago Music
Type subsidiary
Product music records
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Founded May 6 1976
Owner(s) Elephant Entertainment
Headquarters Dufur Building, Seal of Industrial Park Industrial Park, Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Lovilago logo (1976-1981)

The first logo

Lovilago Music is a Lovian music business company and record label. It is founded in Lovia on May 6 1976 by Patrick Dufour after months of preparation. It's a major Elephant Entertainment subsidiary and a partner of the Libertan record label LP-Music. Its most important artists include the popular band Full Frontal Buddha and the country and western rock singer Amy Cheyenne.

There's also a Mäöreser department: here.

Record labels Edit

Notable artists Edit

Management Edit

The company is an Elephant Entertainment subsidiary. Key people in Lovilago Music include:

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