The Lovian cuisine is the cuisine native to the Lovia. It has been influenced by Dutch, American and French cuisine and to a smaller extend also by Slovak, Limburgish and Romanian cuisine. The Lovian cuisine is varied, spicy and serves much fish, vegetables, meat and potatoes.

Eating habitsEdit

Lovian people at the country side usually take their main meal at lunchtime. They also eat extensively in the morning. Traditionally, this was the custom through entire Lovia, even in cities like Noble City, but because of the change of work habits since 1950, many Lovians, especially those of the cities, nowadays take their main meal in the evening and do not always take breakfast in the morning anymore. In 1883 Stephen Robinson and his niece Molly Relais-Cambra, both originating from Louisiana, introduced the Louisiana kitchen in Lovia. They co-wrote the book 'Cooking Creole' which was an instant bestseller. To this day, Lovians consume the most shrimp per capita annually of all countries in the world. Typical Lovian dishes are spicy and hearty food, food with a soul and 'character'. The Lovian cuisine is varied and a unique blend of dishes from many countries and many cultures.

Local varietiesEdit

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