The Lovian Sjuuchbal League is a league for the Fuujlandj sport of sjuuchbal. It starts in September 2013. It will use the franchise system of American sports, though team relocation will not be allowed.


There will be 2 groups of 5. Every team will play every team in its own group 4 times and every team in the other group 2 times for 26 games. The top 2 teams from every group advance to the semifinals, which is best-of-3. The number one of the first gorup plays against the number two of the second group and vice-versa. The final is best-of-5 and if the 5th game is necessary it will be played on a neutral venue. The extra time regulations for the play-offs will be 4 periods of 15 minutes (silver goal rule, which means the last 2 periods are only played if the game is still tied then). In case the game is tied then, there shall be periods of 5 minutes with sudden death rules.


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