The Lovian Secret Service is a supposed secret service organization of Lovia.

History Edit

Many people would argue that the LSS would have had to be founded in the late 1930s or early 1940s as a response to the murder of King Arthur II and the rise of Nazi and Soviet secret operations. Others speculate that the Noble City murder of communist politician Maarten Dolmatoff helped lead up to the LSS's establishment. Accountant-turned-spy Theodor Bergman was said to have worked for the LSS, investigating the Nazis before his mysterious murder in 1946. Hungarian-Soviet spy Victor Kaput was said to have been arrested by "unofficial Lovian intelligence", possibly the LSS. But there is very little proof to support or negate the existance of the LSS, promting many to believe it was nonexistent or that it was so top secret that most documents pertaining to it were destroyed.

Portrayal in film Edit

The LSS has appeared very often in Lovian films, but is often shown quite different. It notably appeared in the 1963 film The Spy, which was about the life of Bergman. Here it was a secret organization which wanted to silence those that would put it in jeopardy (like the KGB or STASI). It also appeared in Looks that Kill, Agent Zero and Agent Zero: Back in Action as a secret agency who is there to save the world (aka Lovia) from criminal masterminds. This perspective is also used in the 2010 film Chain Reaction. In the 1980s Black Ops series, the LSS was a CIA-like agency who sent elite soldiers to eliminate global threats.

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