The Lovian Republican Party was a minor Lovian republican political party founded in 1936. It merged with some minor regionalist parties, including the Socialist Party of Seven, in 1980 to form the Lovian Democratic Party, though a small remnant remained to reform into Republican Alternative.


The Republican Party was founded in 1936 by Edward Reddick in order to campaign against the role of the King as arbiter of interstate disputes. At the time, King Arthur II had ruled in favour of Sylvania, where his daughter Princess Lucy was Governor, in a dispute over taxation, and Oceana, Clymene and Kings had threatened to secede as a result. The Republicans played a major part in working together with the governors of the other states to defeat the king and reduce his power, resulting in the eventual formation of the Royal Legislative Council in 1938. This marked a peak in the party's popularity - after the assassination of the King in 1938, they were accused of being complicit in the murder and their poll ratings fell dramatically. Due to the reforms that had been carried out and the popularity of the new Queen Lucy, republicanism ceased to be a major issue and polls showed that ratings rarely rose above 5%.

After the succession of King Lucas to the throne]], the party saw a revival, but they were unable to take advantage of it due to the famine of 1956 and period of anarchy that ensued. By 1978 the party leadership had decided there was no future for the party and it was officially absorbed into the Lovian Democratic Party. Nonetheless, a few members, consisting of those too right-wing for the LDP or who believed that the republican cause was not yet lost, decided to reform into the Republican Alternative, which saw some success in the early years of the 21st century.

Program Edit

Some of the party's main issues:

  • Financial support to environmental projects ("We fully support our earth")
  • The monarchy should be abolished. ("All government should be based on principles of democracy and meritocracy, not aristocracy.")
  • Cooperation between Lovian states and reduced federalism, for "communicating is the best way to solve issues"
  • The number of Members of the RLG should be fixed at 15.
  • Lower income families should pay less taxes.

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